Address of Head of State Institution «Administration of investment programs on industrial site Alabuga» territory

Dear sirs!

We are grateful for your interest displayed to the industrial site Alabuga as a place for effective development of your business and we are prepared to favour establishment of mutually beneficial business relations.

High competitive ability of up to date business requires especially considered approach to elaboration of marketing strategy. Choice of your business location is the key element of such strategy and your decision shall be based on careful study of all benefits of specified place, allowing having the highest possible fair chance of success and minimizing possible risks and misgivings. We can say with certainty that industrial site Alabuga indeed is the most advantageous place for successful making of business.

On the site of Administration of investment programs we offer you the basic information about industrial site Albuga, business activity status and investment activity legal entities developing their business on this territory.

We hope that content of the site, as well as contact information which you will find there will provide you with key resources facilitating you to make decisions related to your capital investments.


Eric Khabiboullin

Head of state institution
Administration of investment programs
on industrial site Alabuga

Investment activity legal entities

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